Welcome to Our Enhanced Portal

We have worked very hard over the past year to improve the experience we provide you when you submit business. We have built this platform on Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud platform. This will enable to us to bring you even more advanced features and services. However, we do realize that you may need help navigating our new platform. We have provided you with some helpful information in the sections below. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-349-9267, if you need additional assistance.

Starting on April 2, 2019, you must register for a new account, due to structural changes required to deliver these improvements. See registration information and tips below. 


Signing up for a SalesNet account is quick and easy. Your new account will give you access to top sales tools and important business data. You will need an email address and access to your inbox to complete the process. Your email address will also be your username. Register here.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Your online security is important to us. We use MFA to help protect your account and information. It is used to recognize users and their devices and verify account access. A phone number is required for every online account and will be validated with a code via text or voice call. This will be helpful if you forget or want to change your password. You can update your phone number anytime under “Profile.” Watch the video to understand how to set up MFA.


Your SalesNet account offers Company and Product Information, Training Requirements, and News. To support you in building your business we have a Marketing Catalog, Quotes and Illustrations and eApplication available online. Contracted Agents will be able to get status on pending applications, export reports, check current account values and view compensation and client statements. Take a quick tour.


One of the newest features on SalesNet is Account Dashboard. Here you get pending business notifications updated every 2 hours, summary of your YTD metrics, quick look up for case status, and the latest news. Some features will be available at launch, and more enhancements will be added later in the month.  Check it out now.

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Paul TylerWelcome to Our Enhanced Portal