March 2020

Meeting Clients Online: Six Tips and Tricks

We’re living in a grand, unplanned experiment where we all need to conduct business without direct human contact. Below are six tips to help you present well virtually.


Whether you’re using Zoom or Skype, thoroughly test that your technology works correctly before starting the conversation. Conduct a video and audio test well in advance of the meeting. Taking that extra time to learn will do wonders with conducting a seamless meeting.


Cameras aren’t a fan of small, busy patterns on clothing. Wear neutral clothes like blues and grays to help keep your guests focused on you.


Background noises can distract from what you’re saying so it’s best practice to mute yourself unless you’re speaking. Make sure to take yourself off of mute when it’s your turn to communicate.


Present yourself well on screen by being eye level with the camera lens, raising your laptop on a box if needed, centering yourself in the frame, and minimizing potential distractions in the background.


Better control the brightness of your video by eliminating strong background light and closing shades. Light yourself from the front, if possible. Natural lighting tends to work best, but keep experimenting for what’s best for you.


While it’s tempting to watch yourself or fellow guests on screen, look into the camera. It’ll make more sense to those watching.

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Anthony LaRosaMeeting Clients Online: Six Tips and Tricks
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Reduced Income on Personal Income Annuity

Beginning April 1, 2020, we will be reducing the payout percentages on Personal Income Annuity’s (PIA) income riders in accordance with the current market environment. Income payouts will decrease on Income Strategy: Today and Income Strategy: Tomorrow for all ages. Click here to see the new payouts. PIA continues to offer great consumer value even after these changes. Updated marketing materials will be available to order as of April 1, 2020.

Should you have any questions, please call our sales desk at 1-888-794-4447. Thank you for your business and continued support of Nassau.

Transition Rules

  • Applications received by 3/31/2020 will receive the old rates. All transfer funds must be received at Nassau Re by 5/31/2020.
  • Applications received on or after 4/1/2020 will receive the new rates. An acknowledgment form from the producer confirming that the client agrees to the new rates, along with a newly signed disclosure, will be required prior to issue for any applications signed prior to 4/1/2020.


For Producer Use Only. Not for distribution to the public.

Insurance Products: NOT FDIC or NCUAA Insured | NO Bank or Credit Union Guarantee.

Product features, rider options and availability may vary by state. Actual product details, including all terms and conditions that apply, are contained in the annuity contract.

Lifetime payments and guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Nassau Life and Annuity Company. Annuities are issued by Nassau Life and Annuity Company (Hartford, CT). In California, Nassau Life and Annuity Company does business as “Nassau Life and Annuity Insurance Company.” Nassau Life and Annuity Company is not authorized to conduct business in MA, ME, MN, and NY. Nassau Life and Annuity Company are subsidiaries of Nassau Financial Group.

Nassau Re is a registered trademark by Nassau Reinsurance LLC. BPD#40086

© Nassau Re 2020

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Anthony LaRosaReduced Income on Personal Income Annuity
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We’re Here to Help

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact us all in many unexpected ways. I want you to know that our team is ready to fully support the needs of your business and your clients.

Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees, partners and communities. Fortunately, our business model and technology platform have allowed us to remain fully operational over the last few weeks, so we can continue providing the level of service you and your clients expect and deserve.

We implemented a work-from-home policy for most personnel and have new procedures in place to protect the team remaining in our facilities. In addition, we are in active communications with key vendors that support our new business and policyholder administration functions to ensure continuity at every step. We will provide any operational updates on Salesnet and, along with emails delivered directly to you.

We also realize that you will likely need to adapt your business to a remote sales process and are working quickly to help you convert to this new paradigm. We are here to help support that transition, and we will be increasing our digital content for you to share with your team and clients, as they spend more time online and have time to think more about their insurance and retirement planning needs.

Together, I’m confident that we will all emerge from this crisis, not only stronger, but better equipped to address the needs of a changing market. Again, we are here for you, and if you have any questions, please reach out to our team.

Phil Gass, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


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Anthony LaRosaWe’re Here to Help
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COVID-19’s Impact on Nassau Operations

Nassau has business resiliency and pandemic plans in place that provide the structure for us to keep our businesses going without interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our customer service center is up and running and continues to provide the best-in-class service you and your clients expect and deserve.

We also continue to process your applications. However, we would like to inform you about a few challenges we are currently experiencing on our life applications, as well as how we are addressing these issues to get your business processed as quickly as possible.

New Producer Contracting & Producer Transfers Between IMO’s

Although the processing of new business for existing producers remains strong, licensing new or transferring existing producers to new IMO’s may experience a delay. When completing background reviews we rely on a vendor to provide the details needed to review and approve an agent appointment. Several states have put restrictions on their employees, which in turn will cause delays in information getting to us, particularly around the criminal/civil portion of the report. As a temporary workaround, we are leveraging other available resources to help complete the background reviews as soon as possible.

Life New Business Underwriting

For the small number of life insurance cases that require an APS, we may experience a delay. We have received notifications from our vendors (e.g. ExamOne, CRL) that various medical facilities are closed in some areas of the United States, thus delaying APS (medical records) retrieval and ultimately underwriting review timeframes. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please check back here for more updates regarding COVID-19’s impact on our operations.


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Anthony LaRosaCOVID-19’s Impact on Nassau Operations
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A Special Message on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

To Our Valued Partners:

In this difficult time, our thoughts are with those who have been directly affected by COVID-19. Our immediate focus is on taking steps to keep our employees safe while continuing to provide the high quality service our customers expect. As always, we are here for you when you need us most.

Nassau has business resiliency and pandemic plans in place that provide the structure for us to keep our businesses going without interruption. We are closely monitoring this evolving outbreak and implementing aspects of our plans as warranted, including the ability of the Nassau team to work remotely. Further, we are prepared to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing global economy.

We know our customers and partners are counting on us, and we are ready to respond. If you have any questions or need assistance from our Customer Service Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also check on policy and account values through our producer portal. Register or sign in to your account here.

Phil Gass, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Anthony LaRosaA Special Message on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
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