The DOL Fiduciary Rule and Doing Business with Nassau

Effective January 16, 2024

In light of developments in the legal challenges of the current DOL Rule (e.g., the American Securities Association v. DOL and Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice v. DOL cases), Nassau is no longer requiring a certification that you have provided your clients and applicants with a Form 84-24 disclosure for qualified IRA annuities. We encourage you to continue to do so as a best practice but we are no longer requiring such certification as a new business requirement pending further regulatory developments. As a result, a certification question will no longer be required as an in-good-order requirement for new applications.

Thank you for your business. At Nassau, we are working harder to be your carrier of choice. Please contact the Nassau Sales Desk at 888-794-4447 with questions.

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Anthony LaRosaThe DOL Fiduciary Rule and Doing Business with Nassau