The State of the Economy with David Czerniecki

Inflation, war, and the risk of a recession are weighing heavily on everyone’s mind. In this episode of That Annuity Show, David Czerniecki, Chief Investment Officer for Nassau Financial Group shares his perspective on the current state of the economy.

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Content Highlights with Timing

1:50 – Rising Interest Rates
4:10 – Early Warning Signs of a Recession?
5:58 – Gas Prices Peaking?
8:14 – Oil
9:41 – Rates Going Up Fast Enough to Offset Inflation for Seniors?

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Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

In order to get inflation under control, and it has been persistent, the market is starting to really believe that the Fed’s going to need to push rates up quite a bit. This is just a step in the process, and the Fed’s own targets are probably lower than what the market is anticipating. The risk in doing so will help to stop inflation or put the brakes on, but it may also come at the cost of economic growth and, in fact, may lead to a recession.


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