Inside the Nasdaq-100®

Sara Mehle, ESG Index Strategist on Nasdaq’s Index R&D team, joined our recent National Webinar to talk about the Nasdaq-100 Index. Check out these videos to find out more!

The Nasdaq-100 Index: An Overview

The disruptors, the game changers, the forward thinkers. Companies that influence our lives daily, in multiple areas.

Volatility and the Nasdaq-100

The Nasdaq-100 and the S&P 500® have had similar volatility over the last 15-plus years.

The Nasdaq-100 and Longer-Term Trends

How is the Nasdaq-100 positioned in an environment of higher inflation and higher interest rates?

More on the Nasdaq-100 and Rising Interest Rates

With aggressive rate tightening by the Federal Reserve, will top Nasdaq-100 companies remain competitive.

What’s Next for the Nasdaq-100

A thematic index with meaningful exposure to a host of new economy sectors.


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